The main tree species is the native spruce (about 77%), followed by the beech (about 18%).

Other broadleaved trees are oak, ash, red alder and maple having a proportion of 1.5%.

Other coniferous trees are pine, larch, Douglas fir, fir and hemlock (tsuga) having a proportion of nearly 3%.

The yearly growth amounts to about 6 to 8 cubic metres per hectare (1 ha = 2.47 acres).

Within the scope of future plannings the area in which beech is grown is to be augmented by about 2%; simultaneously we will increase the proportion of the Douglas fir which is detrimental to the spruce. The unfenced cultivation of the Douglas fir is possible as the red deer population is controlled.

Under South Westphalian growth conditions the Douglas fir produces a harvest increase of about 30% as compared with the spruce.

The violent storm “Kyrill” raging during the night from 18 to 19 January 2007 has blown down about 50,000 cubic metres of wood in a single night. Although, in the meantine, the wood has been logged and sold, the bleeding is severe and will lead to felling reductions in the years to come.

Forest Service

a) Management

The Forest Estate Ditzrod is managed according to the latest standards of forest science and sustainable forest ecology. With its expert staff it also offers the forest management for the areas of other woodland owners. For the time being, a neighbouring private forest area is managed. Additional areas could be taken over. If you like to have more information, we will be happy to submit a corresponding proposal to you.

b) Wood sale

Owing to our national and international relations we can of course willingly offer wood as a commodity. In case you have an interest in purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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